NextGen Course Redesign

NextGen is a teaching grant and program that provides faculty with the financial support and training to design or redesign their courses into engaging, student-centered learning environments. NextGen courses are built upon a foundation of student learning outcomes that align with instruction and assessment. The infusion of effective and engaging instruction energizes teaching and learning in NextGen courses and includes a mix of instructional strategies and best practices such as collaborative learning, online interactivity, and the transformation of how course content is delivered. Guidelines and best practices for developing high quality assessments give NextGen instructors a way to determine the degree to which students are learning and communicate student learning data to students as well as administrators. 

The aim of NextGen is to improve student learning by ensuring that students experience a NextGen class:

  1. That is aligned across outcomes, assessments, and instructional strategies that allow students to make connections across content, instruction, and feedback.
  2. With deep learning, self‐regulation of learning, enriched learning through technology, learning with peers, and experiences that tie learning to the real world in order for students to experience a more relevant and authentic learning experience.
  3. With an engaging course environment that stimulates creativity, curiosity, the development of new viewpoints, and critical thinking.

As the UNT QEP for 2006-2016, NextGen is also an important element of UNT’s reaccreditation process for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). In a July 2012 letter by the President of SASCOC, Dr. Belle S. Wheelan, NextGen's outcome-based model was cited as an exemplary model for other universities to emulate. 

For an overview of NextGen’s history and mission, click here.

All NextGen inquiries can be directed to the NextGen Program Manager, Jenna Ledford at or call (940) 369-7243.