United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Regulations for F1 Visa Holders

Attention UNT Faculty who are teaching a course that has been designated “INET”, i.e., more than half of the content hours are delivered online. 

In December of 2002, new regulations were issued that limited to three the number of semester hours taken COMPLETELY ONLINE that can be applied to the nine hours required for full-time status of F1 Visa graduate students and the twelve hours required for full-time status of F1 Visa undergraduate students. 

We are asking you to insert information into the syllabus for your course.  Essentially, this information informs students who hold F-1 visas that they may have to document the on-campus experiential component of the class.  This on-campus experiential component can be a variety of things such as a required test, lab work, a required lecture, mandatory library orientation, etc.  If your course has not required an on-campus component in the past, you may want to insert one. The on-campus experiential component may be required for F-1 visa holders only so that they may take your course.

The student should use a form to report the on-campus experiential component, sign the form, and have it signed by you.  You will need to make a copy for the student’s departmental file and send a copy to the UNT International Student and Scholar Services (See form for address.) 

Thank you for helping to serve our international students and to meet the regulation.  If you have any questions, please call CLEAR at x2708. 

Information to insert in course syllabus

On-campus Component Reporting Form for Online Courses