Graphic Design & Illustration

The CLEAR production team creates graphics for a diverse range of projects both physical and digital, from billboards to game boards, t-shirts to tablecloths, and all manner of charts, graphs, icons, and banners. Most often our work helps enhance the visual appeal of UNT’s many online courses, engaging learners in ways plain text on the screen cannot. Instructors who want to elevate the look and style of their online courses and course material will first work with an instructional consultant who will help assess the goals of the images and design parameters like size, colors, and formats. Our team will then utilize principles of good design to create something that enhances readability/comprehension, looks good on the page/screen, and maintains a consistent look and feel for the course.

Online Course Web Banner Request Form

Case Study: Web Banner Design for Online Course

Course: MGMT 5550 Professional Project in Health Services Management
Professor: Dr. Tracy Dietz
Instructional Consultant: Brett Patchen
Classification: Graphic Design

1 UNT Professor Dr Tracy Dietz was collaborating with Instructional Consultant Brett Patchen at CLEAR to create a new online course for MGMT 5550, which needed an appropriately themed web banner graphic.
2 Brett contacted the CLEAR production staff with the professor's needs in the form of a production request. This request mentioned the title of the course and instructions to design it according to the course's theme of "managing diversity in the hospital and healthcare environment."
3 Since banners are a common task CLEAR's graphic designers perform, no production meetings were necessary. Graphic designer Jon Holland began working on the web banner task.
4 After the banner was complete, it was e-mailed back to the IC and professor who carefully checked for any errors or a need for revisions. In this case, there were none!
The completed web banner
5 Since the banner was approved, the production team uploaded it to the online course.
Web banner placed in online course

Case Study: Behavioral Objectives Comics

Course: EDSP 5330 Classroom and Behavioral Management Strategies for Exceptional Learners
Professor: Smita Mehta
Instructional Consultant: Michelle Farley
Classification: Illustration / Learning Aid

1 UNT Professor Smita Mehta wanted an effective way to enhance the delivery of several case study scripts that she provides to her class to generate discussion. She contacted Michelle Farley, her Instructional Consultant (IC), to discuss possibilities.
2 Michelle arranged a meeting with Smita, CLEAR's production manager, and herself. In the meeting, they brainstormed options and decided to proceed with a comic book approach. They agreed on formatting for the scripts and timelines. Once the scripts for the desired comic illustrations submitted, Michelle tasked CLEAR's production team. Each illustration was treated as a separate project with its own time frame.
Script provided by professor
3 Since this illustration project was clearly defined from the beginning, no additional production meetings with Smita were necessary. The tasks were assigned to Eric Koch, one of CLEAR's illustrators. For each task, Eric began by creating a storyboard sketch. Once the storyboard was approved by the production manager, Eric proceeded with the full illustration.
Storyboard sketch
4 After the illustration was completed, it was sent back to the IC and professor who carefully checked for any errors or need for revisions. In this case, there were none!
One of the completed comics
5 After the illustration was approved, the production team was tasked to place the illustration in the online course.
Comic placed in online course