Online Courseware Intellectual Property

The goal at UNT is to work fairly with faculty who are willing to dedicate their expertise and energy to the design online courseware. The resources under this category provide access to the officially adopted intellectual property policy, downloadable agreement templates to be used to create a legal document for the appropriate category before production begins, and a royalty calculation spreadsheet for use with old intellectual property agreements created under the previous version of this policy. 

Note: In cases in which a faculty member adopts digital publisher content and these materials constitute the majority of the online course content, the faculty member should submit a Use of Digital Publisher Content in an Online Course Adobe Reader icon in lieu of an IP agreement.


Agreement Templates for Courses

  • License Agreement Category A - Jointly Held (pdf)
  • License Agreement Category B - University Held (pdf)

Calculating Royalties

Please use the spreadsheet for calculating the royalties to be paid a faculty member according to the terms of a particular intellectual property agreement under the previous policy.