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UNT Dallas 
The University of North Texas at Dallas is established as an institution of higher education and component institution of the University of North Texas System in the city of Dallas.

UNT Health Science Center
The University of North Texas Health Science Center is one of the nation's distinguished graduate academic institutions, dedicated to education, research, patient care and service.

Universities Center at Dallas
 The Universities Center at Dallas (UCD) is a Multi-Institution Teaching Center (MITC) located in downtown Dallas, Texas. Operation of the UCD is provided by the Federation of North Texas Area Universities, an educational consortium comprised of the following institutions: Texas A&M University-Commerce, Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas, University of Texas at Arlington, and Dallas County Community College District. The member institutions cooperate in the offering of upper division undergraduate courses and graduate courses that may be applied to programs offered by the partner institutions.

Education Service Center Region 10
Region 10 Education Service Center is one of 20 regional service centers established by the Texas State Legislature in 1967 for the purpose of providing services to the school districts within a defined geographic region. Regional service centers are non-regulatory, have no taxing authority, and provide services for which participation is voluntary on the part of the local school district. Region 10 Education Service Center, located in Richardson, provides services that impact more than 650,000 students and 53,000 educators in 80 public school districts, 31 Charter Schools, and numerous private schools in the 8 counties (and portions of a 9th) in north Texas that make up the Region 10 Service Area.

Education Service Center Region 11
 The Region Eleven Telecommunications Network (RETN) is a network of connected K-12 school districts, colleges, and universities. "Bridging the Distance" refers to the use of the network to increase the opportunities for students and teachers within Region XI.

Trans Texas Videoconference Network (TTVN)
TTVN is the wide area data and interactive communications network that serves the eleven university campuses, the Health Science Center, and seven research and service agencies of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS). The network also serves numerous affiliated colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, and state agencies throughout Texas. The core TTVN network consists of over 100 primary wide area network sites and more than 275 videoconference sites.

DIR Videoconference Guidelines
Guidelines are issued by the Department of Information Resources (DIR) to offer technical and operational guidance for Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education. This publication provides technical and operational standards and recommendations to support 1 TAC 209 – Minimum Standards for Meetings Held by Videoconference. These guidelines offer technical and operational standards and recommendations to enable entities subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act to deploy videoconferencing technology in facilitating open meetings. Law allows one or more members of a governmental body to participate remotely to achieve a quorum.