Scheduling Policy And Procedure

How to schedule a videoconference meeting:
  1. Determine if the sites have videoconferencing equipment.  Get contact information for each site to include in your request.

  2. Determine the time and preferred locations for your meeting. You may request sites exclusively on UNTVN or a combination of sites on and off UNTVN.

  3. Fill out and submit our online activity request form.

  4. Confirmation for your request will be sent by email.  If any charges apply to your videoconference, you will be made aware of these charges prior to confirmation.

For videoconferences on UNTVN, all requests must be submitted at least five business days prior to the activity. If your videoconference includes non-UNTVN sites, your request must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the activity.  Search Committees, please submit your requests at least three weeks prior to candidate interviews. Successful testing of the connection to non-UNTVN sites will have to be conducted prior to confirmation.

All UNTVN Videoconference Activities support the Educational Mission of the University of North Texas and must have an official UNT sponsor. 

How to schedule a videoconference course:
  1. Refer to the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign Approval Procedures

  2. Contact or to check room availability.

Contact Information: UNTVN Scheduling, Office: 940.369.7877
Email: or