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Teaching in the online environment presents unique challenges for faculty. Online courses generally run on the regular semester schedule and will include regular weekly activities and assignments. However, these classes are usually asynchronous in nature, allowing both faculty and students to login and work in courses at times that work best for each individual. This means the instructor may be in the course during the day while some of the students taking the course are logged in after midnight!

CLEAR has expertise in the design and facilitation of online courses and can provide faculty with assistance and advice in this area of teaching through its free instructional consulting services.

Below are a few resources to help a new online instructor become familiar with best practices in teaching and managing an online course:

  • The Teaching Online Guide was designed by the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR) as a resource for new UNT instructors or adjunct professors who are teaching online or blended learning courses. In this guide, you will find:
    • UNT-specific procedures for accessing the learning management system
    • best practices for teaching online and blended courses
    • resources for further exploration and professional development
  • Sample Syllabus MS Word icon- This is a concise, sample course syllabus that can be edited and personalized. It contains placeholders for information to be included, along with suggestions for what types of information can be added. Important university policies and helpful contact information for student support are also included.
  • Start of Semester Tasks in Blackboard Learn. Also see CLEAR's Blackboard Faculty Support site for Faculty Tip Sheets and other guides.
  • Accessibility Online - The information found on this page will help you better understand the issues that impact students with disabilities, the disability services registration process at UNT, and will provide you with links to resources that will show you how to ensure your content is accessible for everyone.
  • Delivering Exams Online - This resource provides information on assessment types and options for proctored testing.
  • Best Practices for Teaching Online - This page has ideas for streamlining course facilitation, while providing a quality course environment geared toward cultivating online community. 

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