Teaching Support

CLEAR’s services are designed to assist faculty with both classroom and online teaching. From learning new teaching strategies for large undergraduate classes to redesigning a course for delivery in a blended on online learning environment, we offer a wealth of resources as well as consulting services by professionals who are excited about teaching and learning. Our services are free to all full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and teaching assistants. Below is a brief description of our key teaching support services:

  • Consulting - Consultants work with faculty to explore new classroom teaching strategies, design and develop face-to-face, online courses or blended courses, and master the use of instructional technologies such as Blackboard, Turnitin, and clickers.
  • Assessment - Support faculty and academic partners in understanding what and how well do students learn what we are attempting to teach.  Leading and facilitating conversations and innovation related to academic assessment and measurement.
  • Production - A talented and dedicated production team builds multimediate learning objects and offers video services for online instruction.
  • Teaching Online - CLEAR has expertise in the design and facilitation online courses and can provide faculty with assistance and advice on a variety of topics of concern to the online faculty member.
  • Teaching Technologies - Instructional consultants with expertise in using a variety of instructional technologies can help faculty use these resources to support instructional goals.
  • Videoconferencing - UNTVN is dedicated to serving distance learning students and faculty in creating quality educational experiences through the use of videoconferencing technology. CLEAR will schedule videoconference classes and train faculty how to use this technology effectively.