Technical Information About UNTVN

The University of North Texas Videoconference Network (UNTVN) is a compressed video network connecting several videoconferencing classrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Most of the sites within UNTVN use Cisco codecs.  The system also uses a high definition Codian 4505 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) that provides connections for multipoint conferences.  All of the systems support H.323 standard algorithms.  Some of our Cisco systems will also support H.320 standard algorithms.   We also maintain a Cisco ISDN Gateway to allow the placement of H.320 (ISDN) calls from an H.323 (IP Only endpoint.)  UNTVN systems can connect to various sites throughout the world. 

UNTVN is connected to our system institutions via high speed internet connections.  These institutions include UNT Dallas, UNT Health Science Center, Universities Center at Dallas and the UNT System Office in Dallas.  Most videoconferences are conducted at a speed of 768kbps, though higher speeds are certainly possible. 

UNTVN has 7 BRI's that can connect any of our sites to many others sites around the world that are connected to the publicly switched network and using the h.320 standard.  These BRI's are configured for outgoing calls only and will incur long distance charges.  Contact UNTVN Scheduling ( for the current charge rate. 

Further, UNTVN is connected to Internet2, via the North Texas Gigapop in Richardson, to conduct videoconferences using the H.323 standard.  Internet 2 is a dedicated backbone for higher education, research and public education allowing for less interference during standard videoconferences.  Successful videoconferences have been held using commodity internet, though extensive testing is required and results cannot be guaranteed. 

Site Certification

The entire site certification process can generally be completed within 5 business days. After receiving the appropriate technical information, the technical support staff at UNTVN, can usually schedule a systems test within 2-5 days. After a successful test, classes or other activities requested to be scheduled with UNTVN Scheduling can be confirmed. All sites in a scheduled class/activity will connect 30 minutes prior to the start of the videoconference.