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Enrollment in online classes continues to rise for undergraduate students at the University of North Texas. Whatever their reasons (time flexibility, maintaining full time job, family responsibilities, gasoline prices, course rotation schedule, et cetera) students are taking more and more online classes when given the opportunity. This trend should continue through the 2017/2018 semesters given the tenor of the times. UNT continues to offer over a thousand online sections each semester.

During Fall 2017, students taking online courses accounted for 14.4% of the total enrollment for the university.  Undergraduate online courses accounted for 12.9% and Graduate online courses accounted for 30.4% of total enrollment.  Please see the chart below for online enrollment per college.

Fall 2017 Enrollment

For the Fall 2017 session, there were a total of 38,625 students taking classes at the University of North Texas. Students taking Electronically-delivered Courses accounted for 41.4% of the total headcount -- with 2,789 graduate students (42.6% of headcount) and 13,187 undergraduate students (41.2.0% of headcount) respectively.

Fall 2017 Headcount