Steering Committee

The CLEAR Steering Committee (originally the Center for Distributed Learning Steering Committee) was established in the Fall of 1998 to provide guidance in the formulation of policies and strategies regarding resource allocation and quality accountability for instructional excellence.

Resource Allocation

This includes human as well as fiscal resources. The Center must establish priorities for assigning instructional consultants, media specialists, and graphic designers to faculty projects and the Steering Committee provides input for making these decisions. In addition, the Steering Committee determines the criteria for awarding internal grants for course redesign and learning enhancement projects.

Quality Accountability

The CLEAR Steering Committee reviews proposals to offer programs electronically and forwards recommendations to the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs concerning the appropriateness of the proposed program for online delivery. Final approval is provided by the University president. The committee also reviews proposals to determine if they meet SACS requirements for substantive change and forwards its recommendation to the University's SACS liaison. Doctoral programs require additional approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The CLEAR Steering Committee also periodically reviews and makes improvements to the course and program approval processes under the authority granted by the UNT Board of Regents.

The CLEAR Steering Committee, the majority of which are faculty members, consists of the following appointees:

  • One representative appointed by the dean from each UNT school or college
  • One representative from the University Libraries
  • One representative appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate
  • Two representatives appointed by the Provost, who also names the chair of the committee

In addition, several members of CLEAR's management team, the Vice Provost of Academic Resources, and the Deputy CIO will serve as ex-officio members of the CLEAR Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Members List 2012-2017



Area of Representation

Christy Crutsinger

Vice Provost

Academic Affairs 

Derrick D'Souza


College of Business

Jon Nelson

Associate Dean

College of Music

Pam Harrell

Associate Professor

College of Education

Denise Baxter

Associate Professor

College of Visual Arts & Design

Victor Prybutok

Vice Provost of the Toulouse Graduate School

Graduate School

Jo Monahan

Distributed Learning Librarian

University Libraries

Parthasarathy Guturu

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering

Nicole Dash

Associate Professor

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

Susan Eve

Associate Dean

Honors College

Teresa Golden


College of Arts & Sciences

Yunfei Du

Associate Professor

College of Information

Gwen Nisbett

Assistant Professor

Mayborn School of Journalism

Smita Mehta

Associate Professor

Academic Affairs



College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism

Charles Guarnaccia

Associate Professor

Faculty Senate

Ex-Officio Members (Voting)



Area of Representation

Philip Baczewski

Senior Director  University Information Technology

Lynette O'Keefe

Senior Associate Director

Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign

Patrick Pluscht

Associate Vice Provost/Learning Enhancement

Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign