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Canvas Studio

We’re excited to announce that we’ve adopted Canvas Studio as our new official video hosting platform for our UNT Canvas LMS, and it’s available to use in your Canvas course now!

Canvas Studio is a powerful, easy-to-use media tool that integrates directly with Canvas that will allow you and your students to create, upload, edit, and manage audio and video (AV) files. It also allows you to embed in-video assessment questions and provides useful usage analytics. Existing AV files can be uploaded or new recordings can be created with Studio's capture and editing tools.


Canvas Studio will replace our current Panopto license. You currently have access to both, but you will no longer be able to record new Panopto videos after our license expires this Summer. 


We’ve created tip sheets and video tutorials to help with this migration.

How to Access and Use Studio within Canvas.

Instructors can access Studio through the Course Navigation link. The Studio integration allows instructors to seamlessly integrate media interaction into the classroom.

Course Navigation Link

Course Navigation Link

Rich Content Editor

Rich content editor displaying the canvas studio menu option

The Rich Content Editor is part of multiple features in Canvas including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. For students, the Rich Content Editor is also available in course groups and in Text Entry assignment submissions.

Users can access Studio through the Rich Content Editor even if they do not have direct access to their Studio account through the Global Navigation Menu. However, access through the Rich Content Editor includes modified functionality and gives more control to the course instructor.

To open Studio, click the plug icon in the tool bar. If Studio is not displayed, you may need to click the View All option and select it from the list.

Please check back later for additional tips, tricks, and trainings.