Submission - Joint Conference on the Student Experience

(550 character limit)
Please complete the program description. Description should address the following points: 1. Goals of the presentation. 2. Description that provides detailed information about your program. 3. Evidence of the conceptual foundation for proposal content including ways the program content is grounded in research, relevant experience, a cogent model, and/or appropriate theory. You should include references to the primary sources that are the foundation of your presentation. 4. Presentation Outline with estimated time spent on presentation and potential activities for participant engagement (I.e. - Icebreaker – 5 min, Discussion – 15 min, Activity – 15 min, Q&A – 10 min)
Please ensure you address your qualifications and research interests relative to your presentation topic. (200 character limit)
Default room set up will be lecture style. Laptop and projector will be provided. Alternative set ups may be requested below (but there is not guarantee that we will be able to meet requests)
Before submitting your proposal, you acknowledge:

You have not published or presented this same work elsewhere;
You have informed all authors listed on the proposal that a proposal with their name is being submitted;
If accepted, you will attend the conference and present the work at the designated time;