Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research

2014 SFEW

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To kick-off our 2014 Salute to Faculty Excellence Week, Distinguished Teaching Professors and other award-winning faculty presented Pecha Kucha sessions on this theme: “When did the light go on and what did you see?” Pecha Kucha is Japanese for "chit-chat " and describes a presentation format using 20 slides which advance automatically in 20 second intervals.  Our presenters used this format to share a personal story based on our theme. Feedback from the 125+ attendees indicated the program was “funspiring” – both fun and inspiring.

Dr. Richard Tas, Professor, Hospitality & Tourism Management



“A Light Meditation”
Dr. Celia Williamson, Vice Provost for Transfer Articulation



“It Was That Simple”
Dr. Francisco Guzman, Associate Professor, Marketing



“My Light Bulb Came with a Dimmer”
Dr. Dee Ray, Professor, Counseling



“How I Learned to Love the Inner ‘Aha’”
Dr. Kimi King, Professor, Political Science



“They Won’t Thank You For It”
Eric Ligon, Professor & Dean, Visual Arts & Design



“A Warning Light”
Dr. Brenda McCoy, Chair, Community and Professional Programs (PACS)