Teaching Excellence Seminar (TES)

The Teaching Excellence Seminar (TES) is intended to educate and inform new TAs and TFs on UNT policies and best practices in teaching and learning.

For the first time, CLEAR will be offering TES digitally in the spring. The new TES Online will have all the resources from the previous face-to-face events (plus other topics). We will be introducing TES Online in mid-January to replace the face-to-face TES that typically occurs in the spring. Please check back soon for additional details. As for the fall semester, we will continue to offer the face-to-face TES event for new TAs and TFs.

If you have any questions about TES, the new TES Online, or would like assistance with a department training, please contact Meranda Roy, Faculty Development Program Coordinator, at meranda.roy@unt.edu or (940) 369-7567.

Supplemental Resources and Support

There are several departmental and university resources and training opportunities available to UNT instructors:

TES Teaching and Learning Resources and the Teaching Excellence Handbook —Links and materials related to the presentations and topics from TES events.