Training Session Descriptions

Blackboard Bootcamp 2.5hrs Grade Center 1.5hrs Retention Center 1hr
Turnitin 1hr Respondus 1.5hrs Student Interaction Tools 1hr
Using Groups in Blackboard 1hr Item Analysis 1hr Panopto 1hr*
Open Education Resources 1hr Designing for Alignment 1hr QM/Online Course Design 1hr
CLEAR Resources Overview 1hr iClicker Polling 1hr Creating a New Online Course 1hr

Blackboard Bootcamp

The Blackboard Learn Bootcamp is a workshop introducing instructors to the tools commonly used in the learning management system. The workshop is hands-on is and targeted to instructors/teaching assistants new to Blackboard Learn and/or those interested in learning more about using the Blackboard Learn tools.

Topics to be covered are:

  1. Communications
  2. Assessments
  3. Assignments
  4. Grade center
  5. Course menu

Grade Center

The Grade Center training session is designed to give instructors and teaching assistants hands on experience using the Grade Center functions.

You will learn how to:

  1. Record grade data
  2. Calculate the Totals and Weighted Totals column
  3. Monitor student progress
  4. Organize the Grade Center

Retention Center

Retention is a hot topic in education right now! This session will introduce you to tools in Blackboard that will assist you in identifying, monitoring, and connecting with students who may be struggling. Additionally, we will discuss helpful techniques for implementing retention strategies in your course.


Although most instructors are familiar with TurnItIn as a tool to detect plagiarism, TurnItIn has a myriad of other uses. Most of these tools, when employed properly, can significantly reduce the amount of time an instructor spends grading assignments.

Join us for a training session to learn about:

  • Grading functions
  • Plagiarism prevention
  • Revision assignments
  • Peermark technology

Also, we will cover basic set up and allow time for questions. We look forward to seeing you there.


Respondus can be a powerful tool used to upload exams/quizzes into Blackboard. This class will cover the basics of getting started with the tool.

Join us for a training session to learn about:

  1. Formatting questions correctly for upload into Respondus
  2. Uploading exams/quizzes
  3. Pools vs. tests
  4. Using the test banks
  5. Downloading questions for paper exams/quizzes

Student Interaction Tools

Participants will learn about the importance of maintaining continual student-to-student/student-to-faculty interaction through the use of Blackboard’s social media tools: discussion forums, blogs, journals and wikis. Conceptual differences between each will be highlighted, as will the pragmatic mechanics of implementation within Blackboard.

Using Groups in Blackboard

The key functions of the Groups feature will be covered in this class. You will learn how to setup groups, enroll students, and manage group options.

Item Analysis

The key functions of the Item Analysis option for tests will be covered in this class. You will learn how Item Analysis works along with suggestions for why you might want to use this tool. By the end of the session, instructors should be able to:

  1. Access and run item analysis
  2. View test summary statistics
  3. View question level statistics
  4. Edit a test question

Panopto – should actually take the requestor to

Open Education Resources

This session is designed around the idea of finding open educational resources. We will visit as many sites as possible in 60 minutes and go through how the site search functions work, what you can expect to find at each site, and the expectations for use of the materials at each site.

By the end of the session, instructors should be able to:

  1. Locate appropriate open educational resources for their course.
  2. Discover sites that may be useful for their discipline.
  3. Synthesize open educational resources into their current course offerings.

A list of the sites visited will be provided at the end of the session and a short time will be available for questions.

Designing for Alignment

Strong alignment leads to a quality course that provides clear objectives and measurable results. In this session, you will learn the basics for creating measurable objectives, supporting them with materials, activities, and technology, and ensuring that they are measured by your assessments.

QM/Online Course Design

In this session, the principles of online course design will be discussed as based on national standards. Participants will discuss the eight standards of the Quality Matters rubric and identify both the pedagogical reasoning for the standards. They will also be exposed to effective methods of implementing these design standards in an online course. Face-to-face instructors may find many of the design principles applicable as well.

CLEAR Resources Overview

Find out what CLEAR has to offer you! Whether it is support from your Instructional Consultant or online learning interactions developed by our Production Department for your course, we are here to support your teaching endeavors.

Quick Course Tune-up

In this session you will learn about best practices in course design. Improve navigation, enhance interaction, and increase functionality for you and your students with the tips you will learn.

Introduction to Assessments

In this session, you will learn how to build an assessment in Blackboard. Creating questions, using best practices on which question types work the best when developing online exams. How to deploy the test in a content area for students to access and which settings are the best to choose for deployment.

Introduction to Rubrics

In this session, create rubrics that provide consistent grading for you and your teaching assistants. Knowing the different options available when setting up the rubric, make them versatile to use in with any assignment.

REEF Polling

Transform your classroom lecture into an interactive and engaging learning environment with REEF Polling. Training sessions cover implementing REEF, integration with Blackboard grading, technical tips and tricks, and report options. Introductory sessions for departments can be arranged on request. We’re here to help you get the most out of the system!


Do we not have what you are looking for on our training list? Let us know what you want, and we will try to accommodate your needs. Our expertise is with Blackboard and the tools that we support found on our website. Request outside of those areas may not be feasible.