Center for Learning, Experimentation, Application, and Research

Faculty Preparation for Move to Fully Remote Classes

For Face to Face courses, please use the following steps to prepare your Fall course in the event it needs to quickly move to fully remote:

  1. If you have not done so already, complete the ‘How to Teach Remotely’ trainings -
  2. Set up your Canvas calendar to keep your students on track -
  3. Ensure that all students can access the course via canvas (e.g., send a welcome email in Canvas and ask the students to reply within Canvas using their myunt email address).
  4. Invite students to a live Zoom session, and or, provide a syllabus quiz or something similar using Respondus Monitor to confirm students have access to a device with a camera for synchronous (live) interactions, office hours, and exams.  Students without cameras can check one out from the library.
  5. In the event your course does move to fully remote: Contact all students in the course and let them know the course will now meet remotely.
  6. Contact the DSI CLEAR Helpdesk for assistance: