Online Courseware Intellectual Property

The goal at UNT is to work fairly with faculty who are willing to dedicate their expertise and energy to the design of online courseware as detailed in UNT Policy 06.032 Online Courseware Intellectual Property. There are two categories of ownership and licensure for online courseware created at the University, based on the amount of support provided by UNT for developing those materials. 

  • License Agreement Category A — Jointly Held. The work resulted from a combination of the author's efforts and university-provided resources, and the author owns the intellectual property. The author is not entitled to additional compensation for the creation of the course. The author may receive additional compensation or adjustment to faculty workload for maintenance of the online courseware.
  • License Agreement Category B — University Held. An author is assigned to develop online courseware for the university as a work made for hire, and the University owns the intellectual property. The University provides the resources for the work which was carried out as part of the authors assigned time and duties. The author may receive compensation or adjustment for faculty workload for the initial creation of the courseware and for subsequent maintenance and updating of the courseware.

Note: In cases in which a faculty member adopts digital publisher content and these materials constitute the majority of the online course content, the faculty member should submit a Use of Digital Publisher Content in an Online Course in lieu of an IP agreement.

Calculating Royalties

Please use the AY 2018-2019 Royalty Calculation Spreadsheet (effective Fall 2018 through Summer 2019) for calculating the royalties to be paid a faculty member according to the terms of a particular intellectual property agreement completed under the previous policy.