GSTEP: Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program

The Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP) is an introductory course designed for UNT graduate students who are currently in teaching positions or plan to be future educators. This interactive program will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics related to university teaching and student learning. Through online modules, student-centered activities, group interactions, practice opportunities, feedback, and teaching in a university classroom, participants will develop and refine their teaching skills and improve their understanding of how students learn. 

Why should graduate students participate in GSTEP?

  1. The idea that we know how to teach because we have been taught is a myth. Teaching is an entire discipline, and the purpose of GSTEP is to introduce graduate students to the scholarship of teaching.
  2. Graduate teaching assistants and fellows need effective teaching skills to facilitate learning in the classes that they teach.
  3. Teaching skills are important in the non-profit sector and industry jobs, as well as in higher education. Learning the skills taught in GSTEP will help participants prepare for those demands.


Enrollment will be open soon. All UNT graduate students and departments will be notified. Note that this is a zero credit option course. The duration of the course is 45 hours during one semester. The course begins Fall 2018. All participants who complete the course will receive notation on their transcripts.

Course Delivery and Organization

GSTEP will be delivered partially online via Canvas and through several face-to-face seminars. Online materials will include content modules, readings, interactive activities, project instructions, and supplemental resources. The face-to-face seminars will provide participants with an opportunity to interact and practice new skills with peers and mentors in the course.

This course requires 45 hours of participant time; approximately 3 to 4 hours a week.

Please contact Meranda Roy with questions at