Online Course Development Services

Our Course Services

CLEAR offers a wide range of free instructional development and production services to UNT faculty for online and blended course creation and enhancement. To request a service, please select the appropriate category below. Turn-around time for projects will vary depending on the scope of your project and the length of our production queue.

New Course or Major Course Redesign Development

If you would like help developing a new online or blended course or help with a major redesign of an existing online or blended course, please complete the form below.

Note: this includes multimedia development for the course. Please do not include a separate Multimedia Development Services request.

Multimedia Development Services for Existing Online or Hybrid Courses: Audio, Video, Images, and Course Activities

Please select the appropriate form below for help developing media for an existing online or blended course.

Online Course Consultation Request

If you would like to consult with one of our instructional designers, copyright experts, or accessibility specialists about the development of your UNT online course, please complete the form below.

Online Course-In-A-Box Development

Welcome to CLEAR’s Course in a Box (CIB) course development path! CIB enables instructors to engage in a ‘do it yourself,’ independent development pathway by equipping you with the tools, techniques and best practices recommended by CLEAR for delivery in upcoming semesters.

 The three main components of the CIB path include:

  1.  Completing the CLEAR Online Course Development Training Course.
  • Once you’ve filled out this form, CLEAR will enroll you in a self-paced, training course in Canvas that will take an estimated 3-6 hours to complete. The course will tell overview aspects of compliance, alignment, and general best practices in online course development. Once this course is complete, you will be given access to your ‘Course in a Box’ development shell in Canvas.
  1. Completing the ‘Course Development Agreement’ and ‘Intellectual Property Agreement’ Forms.
  • After you’ve been placed in the CIB training course, we’ll be sending your paperwork that must be completed for your course to be approved to develop. Your ‘Course Development Agreement' form, and ‘Intellectual Property Agreement’ paperwork will be sent out electronically. You will receive an email from ‘Docusign’ that will automatically be passed along to your Chair, Dean and DSIAC rep once you sign the forms. Upon completion, you'll receive completed digital documents with all the needed signatures for your retention purposes.
  1. Using the ‘Course in a Box’ Development Shell to Begin Content Development.
  • Once your training is complete, you’ll have access to your Course in a Box template in Canvas to begin guiding your course content development. You can begin by building the ‘Start Here’ module along with Modules 1 and 2 in your own course before the ‘Provisional Approval Check’ deadline. The specific milestones and deadlines for this phase of development will be outlined in your CDA form, and in a welcome email that will be sent to you after being enrolled in training.

Submission Deadlines:

Spring 2020:

Submit for development has expired.
Course content completion by: November 15th, 2019

Summer 2020:

Submit for development by: January 3rd, 2020
Course content completion by: March 20th, 2020

Fall 2020:

Submit for development by: May 1st, 2020
Course content completion by: July 13th, 2020

Spring 2021:

Submit for development by: August 14th, 2020
Course content completion by: November 9th, 2020

Online Course Review Request

Coming soon.