Faculty Development

A part of CLEAR’s services is professional development and training for UNT faculty, educators, and anyone with teaching responsibilities at the university in order to ensure CLEAR’s vision to support faculty in achieving their fullest teaching potential and UNT’s goal of providing students with the best education possible.

As a part of these efforts, CLEAR offers a variety of programs and initiatives.

Course Design Institute (CDI)

The CLEAR Course Design Institute (CDI) is a course design series offered during the summer for anyone at UNT with an instructional role (full-time faculty, adjuncts, graduate students with teaching responsibilities, etc.).

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Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP)

The Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP) is a professional development program designed to prepare UNT graduate students for teaching roles.

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Salute to Faculty Excellence

Salute to Faculty Excellence is a yearly event celebrating the innovative and effective pedagogy that is all around us at UNT. In partnership with the Office for Faculty Success, CLEAR kicks off the week with the Salute to Faculty Excellence breakfast where UNT instructors share their teaching stories.

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Teaching Commons

Teaching Commons offers a variety articles, multimedia, and content with an emphasis on teaching at UNT and showcasing UNT teaching talent. Teaching Commons aims to build and sustain a culture of teaching excellence across the university that is interdisciplinary, promotes teaching as scholarship, and encourages innovative pedagogical practice.

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Teaching Excellence Seminar

The Teaching Excellence Seminar is held at the beginning of every fall semester and is intended to educate and inform new teaching assistants and teaching fellows on UNT policies and best practices in teaching and learning.

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Teaching Recognition

CLEAR aims to continually recognize and support teaching excellence at the university through a variety of programs and initiatives.

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University Forum on Teaching & Learning (UFTL)

UFTL is a half-day event designed to enable faculty, graduate teaching fellows, and staff involved in supporting teaching and learning to engage in open dialogue about the challenges of teaching and to share ideas and practices that improve teaching effectiveness.

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In addition to these services, CLEAR works with individual faculty, groups of faculty, and departments to develop and offer faculty development services designed to meet the unique needs of individual faculty and faculty groups. If you are interested, please email the Faculty Development Program Manager, Jenna Ledford, at jenna.ledford@unt.edu.