Instructional Design and Consulting

CLEAR provides consulting services for all types of instruction and all faculty at UNT. CLEAR team members are available to assist you with course design and development. Whether you are teaching your course for the first time, building a new course, or converting your course from face-face to online, we can help you evaluate the course and provide support and suggestions.

If you will be developing a new online course or redesigning a face-to-face course for online delivery, start here: Request to Develop an Online Course.

Online Teaching

CLEAR's online course design consultants have considerable expertise in best practices for teaching in the online learning environment and in designing online courses that meet national quality standards. Our consultants also provide training on a variety of technologies that support online and blended learning. The table below shows the instructional consultants who specialize in online learning and the departments to which they are currently assigned.

If your school, college, or department does not appear on this list, contact or the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign at 940-369-7829 to determine your consultant assignment or to have a consultant assigned to you.

Lauri Morrow

Instructional Consultant

 (940) 369-8175

 Chilton Hall, STE 112G

Economics, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing and Logistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Forensic Science, Political Science, Linguistics, Non-Academic Departments

Benjamin Nye

Instructional Consultant

 (940) 565-2143

 Chilton Hall, STE 112E

Communication Studies, Teacher Education and Administration, College of Health and Public Services, Journalism, English, Technical Communications, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.

Jason Powell

Jason Powell

Instructional Consultant

 (940) 565-4167

 Chilton Hall, STE 112G

Information Technology & Decision Sciences, Kinesiology, Health Promotion & Recreation, Accounting, College of Engineering, College of Visual Arts & Design, College of Music, Dance and Theatre, Management, Media Arts

Marilu Vargas

Instructional Consultant

 (940) 369-7670

 Chilton Hall, STE 112E

Counseling and Higher Education, Educational Psychology, Geography, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Physics, Spanish, World Languages, Information Sciences, and Learning Technologies

Classroom and Hybrid/Flipped Teaching

Jenna Ledford

Jenna Ledford

Program Manager for Faculty Development

 (940) 369-7243

 Physical Education Bldg., STE 205B

Backward course design, technology-enriched classrooms, large courses, and general instructional consulting.

Dr. Ron Carriveau

Teaching Excellence Consultant; Outcomes and Assessment Specialist

 (940) 565-3705

 Physical Education Bldg., STE 205A

Services and resources for evaluating the effectiveness of your course and assessing student learning. Examples include writing student learning outcomes (SLO), and designing rubrics, surveys, and tests.

Dr. Nancy Fire

Faculty Teaching Resource Specialist

 (940) 369-8744

 Physical Education Bldg. #205E

General instructional consulting and faculty development programs.