Course Learning Interactions

CLEAR Production offers custom programming and design of interactions for blended and online courses. These range from simple quizzes to custom educational games. We have an extensive library of pre-made learning objects available for your consideration.

Most interactions will fit into one of three tiers: Tier I (Simple)Tier II (Custom), and Tier III (Complex).

  • Tier I (Simple) interactions are learning objects that we have already developed, such as simple quizzes and drag and drop interactions. They involve little customization and require only a template of requested data to be filled out by the instructor.  
  • Tier II (Custom) interactions usually involve a modification to an interaction we've already developed, including custom artwork or a simple feature change.  
  • Tier III (Complex) interactions are custom, typically long-term projects that may require development on multiple fronts (graphic design, art, database, programming, etc.).

Case Study: Facts on Puberty True/False Quiz

Course: DFST1013 Human Development
Professor: Judi Bradetich
Instructional Consultant: Michelle Farley
Classification: Tier I (Simple)

Professor Judi Bradetich contacts Michelle Farley, the Instructional Consultant (IC) assigned to her department, to set up a meeting. She wants to discuss a series of quizzes she’d like to have produced for her online course, DFST 1013.

At the meeting, professor Bradetich and the IC discuss the best solutions for her educational goals. They decide to use CLEAR’s template for an interactive Adobe Flash-based True/False quiz. The IC provides professor Bradetich with a design document template for her question data. Based on the simplicity of the project and the current workload in the production unit, the IC informs professor Bradetich that it will take approximately three weeks to complete the work once the completed design document is received.

Step 1: Template provided by instructor

Template Provided to Instroctor

Professor Bradetich submits her design document to the IC who then sends the task to the production services department. Since this is a simple, template-based interaction with clearly defined parameters, no production meeting is necessary.

step 2: Completed Template

Completed Template

After the interactive quiz is complete, the IC sends over the work for review. Professor Bradetich verifies that everything works as desired, checking for any errors.

step 3: Completed Interaction

Completed Interaction

No revisions are necessary, so the quiz is ready to be placed in the course! The production services department uploads the quiz to the course, and it’s now ready to be used by students.

step 4: Completed interaction placed in online course

Completed interaction placed in online course