Gateway Center - Room 049

This room is currently unavailable.

Site Contact:
UNTVN Scheduling
P.O. Box 310889
Denton, TX 76203-0889
Phone: (940) 369-7877

Room Phone: (940) 369-8475

Capacity: 30

Room Facilities: Gateway 049 utilizes the power of a Tandberg C60 codec at the heart of the videoconference system. This room is equipped with a 10’ projection screen at the front of the room and a 6’ screen at the rear of the room for local content or remote site viewing. Presentation equipment includes an NEC NP-PA5000U data projector, a ceiling mounted Wolfvision Eye 10 document camera and Sony DVD player. Audio is picked up from the audience and presenter via ceiling mounted Tandberg AudioScience microphones.

The Dell OptiPlex 9020 PC offers a variety of software, including MS Office 2013, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Real Player, Wolfram Mathematica, iTunes, and TurningPoint. To have specific programs installed, simply contact the CLEAR Helpdesk at x7091 and provide the information. Also, if you feel more comfortable using your own laptop a VGA input is available on the lectern, or you can connect to the system wirelessly via the Barco Clickshare device. If you choose to bring your own device, please contact the CLEAR Helpdesk for details at (940) 369-7091.