UNT supports GoTo Meeting/GoTo Training, a web conferencing platform that supports live interaction using voice, video, screen sharing, and text. GoToTraining and GoToMeeting can be used for virtual class meetings, review sessions, and office hours. These tools may also be used for research purposes, e.g. meetings with colleagues at other institutions or for outreach to current, prospective, and former students. 

What to do to begin using GoTo Meeting/GoTo Training 

  1. To begin using GoTo Meeting/GoTo Training for web conferencing with students or colleagues, please submit your name, email address, and academic department name using this Qualtrics request form. Your account will be created within two business days.
    NOTE: Only the meeting organizer needs an account. Students or colleagues that you invite to a meeting or training can join and participate without an account.
  2. Download and install the GoTo Meeting/GoTo Training software. Network managers have been notified of this transition and have been provided with the appropriate installation files.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Go To Meeting Action File Format - Your recording may save to your Documents folder in this file format. If so, double click on your file and the Recording Manager will open. The Recording Manager gives you the option to convert your file to ".wmv" format. The converted file will also save to your Documents folder.

Transcoding Wizard (for Windows)The GoTo Meeting Transcoding Wizard may be needed in order to upload your recordings to your GoTo Meeting account. If your recording saves to your Documents folder as a ".wmv" file, you will need to use the Transcoding Wizard. Additionally, it can transcode (converting a video file into a different format) or make your GoTo Meeting recording universally compatible with other media players and 3rd party video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

GoTo Meeting Recording Manager (for Mac) - GoTo Meeting files are saved locally into a temp folder until converted to .MOV files via the GoTo Meeting Recording Manager.

Here are some links to Citrix's Recorded Tutorials, User Guides, and FAQs

GoTo Meeting/GoTo Training offers 24x7 Technical Support at (888)259-8414 or online. If you have questions regarding access or your account, please contact the CLEAR Faculty Helpdesk at 940-369-7394 or at