Center for Learning, Experimentation, Application, and Research

Teaching Resources

These resources are provided at no cost and available to anyone with teaching responsibilities at UNT.

  • 5 Tips for a Better Zoom Recording — Tips designed to help you create better Zoom recordings. 
  • Accessibility Online — An introduction to accessibility, including policy and law, implementing accessibility in your class, technical resources, and a few additional guides and references.
  • Preparation for Move to Fully Remote Classes — As UNT continues to monitor health conditions on campus and in the community, it may become necessary for one or more of your in-person classes to transition to fully remote instruction.  Please take the following preparatory steps in the event your fall course must be delivered fully remote.
  • Copyright Guide — This guide will help you understand copyright permissions when using others’ work in your teaching. Learn about fair use, creative commons, and public domain works.
  • Online Teaching — A variety of services, resources, and best practices to help you deliver online courses. 
  • The DSI CLEAR Syllabus — This page overviews syllabi requirements and provides a sample course syllabus template that can be downloaded, edited, and personalized. 
  • Faculty Resource Hub — A virtual resource and gathering space for connecting anyone with teaching responsibilities at the University of North Texas. 
  • UNT Teaching Excellence Handbook — A guide to teaching at UNT, including information on terminology and policies.