Open Educational Resources

Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are released under an open license that permits free use and adaptation by others. OER may include textbooks, syllabi, lesson plans, handouts, videos, tests, software, or a variety of other learning materials, either in print or electronic form. 

OER can provide a number of benefits to students and instructors, including:

  • Lower costs for courses and course materials
  • Increased access to materials over a longer period of time
  • Greater pedagogical flexibility by mixing and matching content
  • Materials tailored for a specific courses or curricula
  • The ability update and supplement materials periodically

Furthermore, the impact of OER on student success has been demonstrated in a number of empirical studies, including a 2018 study that showed improvements in course grades and a decrease in failing grades and withdrawal rates, especially for underserved populations, part-time students, and financial aid recipients.

While OER materials vary in quality, just like conventionally published materials, many are peer-reviewed, professionally edited, or rated by users on sites like some of those below. And most are easily adapted or supplemented by instructors.

Additional resources:

For more information on these and other OER resources, please contact:

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